So That’s “Jolly Co-Operation”

While the Souls series is somewhat famous for its approach to multiplayer, I managed to get through the first two games barely interacting with anyone else. Demon’s Souls is, after all, pretty ancient and doesn’t have a lot of people playing it on any given day, and I played Dark Souls during the period where the servers were almost always offline due to Namco issues.

So Dark Souls 2 was a little weird in that, once I got out of the starting area, the “summon signs” that let you pull another player into your game were scattered all over the place.

And I was feeling a little overwhelmed so I figured that I’d put my own sign down and see if I could be of any use to someone else.

You know, mostly just to say that I’d done multiplayer once and could check it off the list and move on.

3 hours of non-stop co-op play later, I forced myself to stop putting down my summon sign and get back to, you know, actually killing a couple of bosses and progressing in my OWN game.

I also got invaded a few times and even won once.

I didn’t “get” Souls multiplayer before.

I get it now.

Praise the sun.

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