I’m not saying I have a Skyrim problem…

…but I have a Skyrim problem.


Fortunately, after a little over two hundred hours of playtime, at least I can call the achievements list done.  It took two characters to knock them all out, because I couldn’t take the same character who put the goody in goody two-shoes and then turn around and do things like collect Daedric artifacts and kill lots of people so she could feed on their life essence.  For THAT sort of thing, I made a different character, and SHE did things like become the guild master of the thieves guild, become a Vampire Lord, restore the Dark Brotherhood and generally was a very bad person all around.

And she did it all without triggering the main quest, so it was over 60 hours played without seeing a single dragon past the introduction.

I still have a few goals:

  1. Complete the “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood” quest line on the aforementioned goody two-shoes character.
  2. Go through the Dawnguard main quest as a vampire, presumably killing a lot of vampire hunters in the process.
  3. Win the civil war for the Stormcloaks
  4. Finally, with the evil character, see just how fast I can blow through the main quest.

After THAT, I think I just have to wait for The Elder Scrolls VI: Kill Some More Thalmor.



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