It’s The Great Zapfish, Charlie Brown

WiiU Splatoon Screenshot Great Zapfish

Finished the Splatoon single player mode tonight, after playing it a level or two at a time for the last couple of weeks.  It was a heck of a lot of fun, a good change of pace from the frenetic online multi player modes, and it didn’t overstay its welcome – if I’d really focused and just powered through the 27 platforming levels + 5 boss levels, I could probably have cleared it in a day.

The final boss fight is, um.  Hmm.  Well…

There’s a really fine line between “epic” and “cheap as all get out”, and the final boss rides that line with precision.  It’s a five-stage boss fight where every stage is “do the same thing you did last time, now add an extra twist”, which gets really crazy by the end.  The only thing that kept me from raging out TOO much was that the early bits got to be doable by instinct after a couple of goes.

If you haven’t played it yet, I’m going to recommend going in spoiler-free.  It really was one of the more satisfying boss fights I can remember, and part of it was the process of saying “What is he doing now?  Seriously?” and then figuring out how to deal with that and move on to the next bit.

That’s two weeks owning a console I bought for one game and STILL no buyer’s remorse, so kudos to Nintendo and all that.

Next up, I have eight more levels to get in Turf Wars and I’m looking forward to the “splatfest” over the weekend of June 20th/21st.

I’ll be doing my best for Team Cat.  Was there any question?




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