Chimera Chips

I’m not sure how long these have been around.  I’d never seen them before yesterday, and there was only one package of them, incorrectly shelved with the rice cakes and far away from the other Pringles displays.  It’s possible that they’ve been around for years and years, it’s possible that they only showed up that morning, it’s even vaguely possible that they exist not as a snack food, but rather as some sort of bizarre experiment, testing the depths which American consumers are willing to plumb in search of taste novelty.


They’re very peculiar things.  The first thing you notice when you taste them is the corn tortilla chip flavor, which lasts for only a fraction of a second before the cinnamon and sugar kick in to mask that.  Once those are gone, however, you’re back to the tortilla chip flavor and desperately reaching for the next chip to get back to the sweet tastes.  A weaker-minded man might have gone through the entire can, chasing that flavor all the way down to the final crumbs.  I managed to stop after perhaps a third of my supply was exhausted, and now I must balance my craving to try another against the bleak knowledge that I might not so easily stop the next time.

In entirely unrelated news, I’m up to about 8 hours played in Titanfall – that’s played time, not “sitting in lobby” or “fiddling with options” time – and just hit level 32.  It’s still a terrifically enjoyable experience, for the most part.  The only “meh” moments, really, came from playing through the rather lackluster campaign mode.  It’s literally just nine normal multiplayer matches with the vaguest hint of a storyline and a couple of random NPCs added, bridged with 2-minute-or-less cutscenes, and being randomly reassigned to teams means that it’s futile to even try to make sense of the story. There are rebels that are bad guys? or maybe they’re actually the good guys?  Or maybe both sides are bad and oh I don’t even care.

Anyway, it’s back to Attrition for my manshooting and stomping around in giant robots.  It’s a wonderful game mode for scrubs like me, because I can contribute by squashing NPC grunts and scoring points for my team even if most of my one-on-one encounters with other human players wind up with me looking at a respawn timer.

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