I’ve become one of THOSE guys.

Oh dear. I may be becoming part of The Problem, where I define The Problem as people who take videogames too seriously for their own good.

I was playing through a couple of songs in Project Diva f during my federally-mandated break period this morning, and I actually caught myself internally complaining that I was having to play the songs on Normal to unlock the hard difficulty levels.

Keep in mind that the draw of the Miku games should be the characters and the music and the neat music videos, and that playing on hard or higher means that you have to actively block out all the visual elements that aren’t note markers. It’s turning fun into Serious Business, something I’m philosophically opposed to.

So I am chastised. I mean, I’m still working towards unlocking the hard modes, but I’m going to try to have just a wee tetch more patience about the process.

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