Steam Sharing

I think I’ve identified the demographic that Valve’s new Family Sharing feature is aimed at, and it’s basically, well, gamers who spread themselves thin across multiple consoles and who may have some PC games in Desura and some others in Origin and who have a habit of occasionally getting hooked on MMORPGs and who in general may go months at a time without launching a single one of the hundreds of Steam games on their account.

So, uh, me. And probably some other people because I’m sure that I’m not the only person as pathetic.

Basically, the new Steam feature is going to let me let friends have a crack at my Steam gamebank during the times when I’m, oh, playing through 8-year-old PS2 action RPGs like I am right now. It won’t be any use during periods where I’m back-to-back playing Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, like I did a few weeks back, but that’s pretty uncommon.

So, nice feature for a rather specific demographic, but still a nice feature.

On another topic, I think I’m about 70% through Kingdom Hearts II and it’s really ramped up now that I’m past the halfway mark. I’m not really even trying any of the optional stuff – I will be very comfortable just to get through the main story.

The highlight so far, really, has been the Tron world. I can’t think of a setting better calculated to reach into the heart of a young geek of the 80s and give it a nice firm squeeze.

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