Friendship is Movie.

So, thanks to con-going fans with relaxed moral compasses, I was able to watch “Equestria Girls” this morning before work, a good week before the official home video release.

Technically, I suppose I COULD have gone to see it during its “theatrical run”, but considering that it only played in one theater in my state and that it was a 40 mile drive both ways, I think I can be forgiven for passing that up.

Oh, and there’s the whole 40-year-old guy going to see a movie for 8-year-olds by himself thing. I’d rather not be gently ushered from my seat by the local PD for questioning.

Anyway, asides aside, I quite liked it. I’m not a fan of the “awkward person gets into uncomfortable situations, we laugh at their pain” genre, and there was decidedly a bit where it felt like it was heading right for that cliff, but it recovered. The humanized versions of the main cast took a little getting used to, mind you, but the characters still felt “right” for the most part, and I liked the nods to adult fans of the show.

Plus, watching Twilight deal with life-without-telekinesis was pretty hilarious. Magical alicorn princess with potentially earth-shattering power levels, meet your True Nemesis: the “pull” door.

I am just a little worried about one thing:

We saw her put a hamburger on her tray in the cafeteria. Did she eat it? More importantly, did she like it? Do the cows of Equestria now have a dark and terrible evil stalking them in the night?

I mean, sure, there are pigs on the Apple Family farm, and that’s pretty disturbing when you overthink about it, but at least the pigs have been shown to be unintelligent. Equestrian cows talk.

So, so sum up: It may be a 75-minute long toy commercial for a line of fashion dolls, but it’s at least an enjoyable toy commercial and I liked it more than most of season 3. I’ll watch it again when my Blu-ray arrives in the post to try to catch more of the references, and I’m looking forward to season 4.

I just hope that Twilight doesn’t turn into a serial killer, because that would be a terrible role model for the intended audience

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