iTunes U and Me.

So I upgraded to iOS6 recently, because I hate the idea of having a functional maps application and this was the only way to get rid of it, and I noticed that Apple had broken some of the fringe features of iTunes off and made them their own applications.

One of the new apps is iTunes U, which was actually a good thing to break out.  The lectures never made much sense in the main iTunes app, and having it broken out reminded me that it, well, existed and motivated me to download some lectures from a Japanese literature class.

I’m 40 minutes into the first lecture.  So far, the professor has taken roll, blown his own horn repeatedly about the amazing awesomeness that is his personal web site and told everyone that, while he doesn’t ENJOY failing people, he will totally mess you up if he catches you plagiarizing.  There was also a bit of a rant about personal electronics and how he doesn’t want to catch anyone multitasking in his class.

At any point, he may start talking about Japanese literature.

I’ll give iTunes U credit, this more or less exactly captures the college experience.


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