Thank you for assuming…

…the party escort submission position.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Anyway, after playing through the two Half Life 2 episodes the other night, it was time to get down to the original reason I started the whole trek through City 17 a couple of weeks ago: replaying Portal to see the new ending bit.

It honestly wasn’t worth replaying the game just for the added 5 seconds of ending, but it WAS worth replaying it just for the experience of replaying it; it’s an awfully fun game and only took me a couple of hours to run through.

I guess I’ve finally gotten the maximum value I’m going to get out of my $10 Orange Box purchase, unless I get stupid and decide to try out Team Fortress 2.  You know, because diving into a team based FPS after everyone else has had three years of practice is the Best Idea In The World.

I’ve become a little slack at updating my backlog status and game purchase log on backloggery.  I need to get that up to date sometime; I’m going entirely the wrong way on my backlog purge.  😦

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