Going out on a limb, here…

I suspect that the message being conveyed by the English in this advertisement for a (presumably expensive) private all-girl’s middle and high school is NOT the message the designer really intended.

I guess it’s possible, I mean, what do I know?

And, yes, this being the only post in the last week is pretty lame.  I’m still in the process of moving.  I can’t even blame DAoC for my lack of posting lately; I got up to level 50 (the cap) and haven’t had time to do much beyond bask in temporary glory.

For the record, it took me 55 hours of playtime to reach level 50, which isn’t bad considering that, when I logged in my character from 2003, I found that he was only level 20 and it’d taken him 41 hours to get to that point.

Still, 55 hours of playtime is like, 3 regular games played from tutorial to ending credits.  Something to think about, there.

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1 Response to Going out on a limb, here…

  1. Domanique says:

    omg I died when I read this. I went to an all girls school and they always advertised in asia to draw in more students.. we would joke about what their adverts would say but this post is just too funny


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