Good Intentions

I realized recently that an awful lot of posts of late had been about, well, fan-service-heavy anime and games, and I wanted to try to offset that in some manner, to point out that I wasn’t a complete perv and that I actually did like some things with Substance.

So, I started to write a post that was a list of fan-service-heavy anime that I’d seen that I HADN’T liked, and after typing out quite a bit and hunting down example images and doing actually quite a bit of prep work, I came to two realizations.

1) No matter how terrible the show was, it probably had SOME fans, and there was a nonzero possibility that they would eventually stumble across my post and be offended and post long ranty comments about my disrespecting their favorite show, and that would trouble me for all of the 10 seconds it takes me to hit the Delete button because I’m a bastard.

2) Making up a list like this was an admission that I had, at one time in my life, actually spent money on Jungle De Ikou!, which I realize I’m admitting now, but I feel a little confession is good for the soul and it hopefully distracts from the REALLY bad skeletons in my theoretical closet.

So, I abandoned that project.  I’ll have to find another way to balance things out.

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