Coupon fun

OK, like I REALLY needed to add more to my backlog.

But, see, I stumbled across a link to a pretty decent coupon this morning: $20 off any of a pretty long list of (older) PC games at Best Buy.  It requires you to have their loyalty program card, presumably so you cant load up for resale, but eh, I finally gave in to a cashier last month so I fit that criteria.

Anyway, one of the titles on the list was Crysis, for a whopping $9.99 after coupon, which has a reputation for being, well, a benchmark AND a game in one, and since I just bought a new video card a couple of weekends ago, I figured I would temporarily put aside my long-running boycott of EA titles and buy it.

When I say “long running”, I mean since, oh, 1989 or so.  So twenty years of boycotting EA for dropping support for the Atari 8-bits.  Pretty good run there.


I got to Best Buy and found out that the coupon, while limited in some regards, was a little less restrictive than I’d thought.  While it was still tied to your loyalty card, one per person, you could use your one coupon for up to 3 of the titles off their list.

So I wound up with Crysis, the Orange Box, and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Premier Edition for a total of $29.97, which is a pretty good deal any way you look at it.

Let’s hear it for being behind the curve.

Edit: For the record, Crysis recommends “High” settings for me at 1920 x 1200.  Not bad for a machine with a 2 year old processor and PC5300 RAM. 🙂

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