Two Years Blog

First, a self-congratulatory stats regurgitation before I get on to today’s normal post.

Today is the second anniversary of Baud Attitude, which really goes to show how much I love talking about myself.

Surprisingly, about 95000 people have come here to watch me talk about myself – of course, 60000 of those are people looking for pictures of weird Japanese burgers and another 30000 are people looking for drawings of anime characters in compromising positions, but even the leftover 5000 represent a startling number of people.

Regardless of how you’ve come here,I like to think that you leave in a better mood, even if it’s only because you realize that, no matter how tragically average and unexciting your life is, it could be worse.

Case in point: I’m currently enjoying a glow of personal satisfaction stemming from having finished recording a whole mess of cassettes and minidiscs on to one computer, transferred them from that computer to the server, backed up the server drive to an external HD, and then wiped the drive of the recording computer using DBAN, meaning that I have three computers decommissioned and ready to be taken to local computer recycler or something similar and we only have, uh, eight computers left.  My desktop, our file server, vanity, the mac mini, two laptops, an eee pc and my wife’s tablet.  That’s a scary thought.

It also means that I can donate or craigslist the cassette deck, the minidisc deck, a massive fisher receiver from 1996, a record player, some speakers and the… let me think… the third CD player I ever bought.  I’m a little sad about that last one, because, while the first two CD players died in a couple of years each, this one has lasted over 15 years.  It deserves a viking longboat funeral, not to be unceremoniously dropped off at a goodwill donation center.

The point is, it all represents an awful lot of hardware that I won’t have to move in a few months.

This is what I consider the satisfactory culmination of a project, which brings us back to my original point, that I don’t care how boring you think your life is, you’re a regular party animal by comparison.

I think just knowing that I’m the sort of person who would use the phrase “party animal” really drives that particular point home.

For my next thrilling escapade, I think I’m going to thin out the cable box again.  I should say, cables BOXES, as I have one each for audio/video cables, power cables, and data cables, with a fourth box devoted to “assorted computer bits”

Then, oooooh, then I’m going to go through the bin of MANUALS and get rid of manuals for hardware we no longer have, and maybe toss old driver disks and… wow.  I’m all a-flutter.

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