Aliens, Religious Cults, and me.

In amongst all the tinkering with hardware and network setups, I managed to take a couple of hours to finish Dead Space, which I wholeheartedly recommend.   It has a pretty decent story, albeit heavily cribbed from “Aliens” with a dash of M. Night Shyamalan, the zero-G bits mess with your head just as well as Portal or Prey, the combat is deeply satisfying – even if it’s more than a little disturbing to find that you’re really enjoying lopping off limbs – and it made me jump right out of my skin at least once per level.  It had a couple of down moments, but they really only highlight what they got right, which is most of the game.

I strongly advise playing it late at night, with the lights off and wearing headphones.  I made the mistake of playing through one level in the middle of the day and it sort of hurt the effect.  It was the only time I finished a level and felt like I could jump right in to the next level, as opposed to needing to save the game and step away. 🙂

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