A Tale of Threes

After finishing Starfy 3, I needed a new game.

I very nearly started Final Fantasy III – it was in the DS, even – but I decided that maybe a long RPG wasn’t a great idea.

Then I realized that I had been playing a disturbing number of Nintendo products lately, and that I was in danger of losing my credentials as a Sega fanboy.

So, the obvious answer was to go back a couple of generations and play Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It’s one of those games that got released at a time when I was flat broke, and with one thing and another I’d never gotten around to going back and playing it.

Decision made, I carefully made sure to have my copy of the Sega Genesis Collection in my manpurse, along with a PSP on which to play it, for the next time I had a few spare minutes to devote to a portable game.

I don’t know if it’s quite serious enough to fall under the category of “the universe hates me” or not, but it was more than a little annoying, when that time happened to come, to boot up the PSP, load up the Genesis Collection, and find out that it only has Sonic 1 and 2.

I DO have it on the Gamecube Sonic Collection, but that’s less than portable.

In desperation, I fell back to the shelf of GBA games that have accumulated in our apartment, and wound up with Super Mario Brothers 3. Apparently I’m destined to be Shiggy’s bitch.

It is, by the way, kicking my arse.

When playing through New Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario World, I never actually saw the “Game Over” screen. I suspect both games HAVE Game Over screens, because they must have, but it was so easy to stockpile extra lives in both that I never wound up at it.

I’ve only just made it to the third world in SMB3, and I have been abusing the hell out of the unlimited continues. It took me well over twenty lives to get through ONE of the stages in world two, and by the time I was done I was shaking with barely controlled Nerd Rage.

I may just have to hunt up a NES cart and see if it was this difficult in the original version – because, if it was, I have newfound respect for any kid in the 80s who put up with the pain.

Oh, and whoever made the decision to add voice samples whenever Mario gets a powerup or dies, with no option to disable the voice, can just… they can just, well, go on with whatever they were going to do anyway, but I’m thinking unkind thoughts in their general direction.

Edit:  I went and looked up reviews, and was glad to find out that, yes, it’s supposed to be nasty hard.

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