A short post today:

Trigger Heart Exelica Wallpaper

I don’t care how broke you are or how bad you are at bullet-hell style shooters. I’m terrible at them myself, regardless of how many I buy and play.

If you have an Xbox 360, round up 800 Microsoft Points – that’s 10 US dollars – and buy Trigger Heart Exelica off the Xbox Live Arcade.

I paid six times that amount when it was released on the Dreamcast, and I do not regret doing so in the least.

It’s pretty. It’s frenetic. It’s short. You’ll finish it – if you make use of the unlimited continues – in less than an hour, and then you’ll do it again with the other playable character, and then you’ll do it without using any bombs because, hey, the “no bombs” achievement just takes another play through with a little self-discipline, and then you’ll start trying to do well enough to fight the secret bosses on level 1 and 3 and then you’ll start trying to beat your high score…

…and eventually you’ll go to bed with your hands cramped into barely-recognizable-as-human-claws and you will be fully internalizing, possibly for the first time in your life, the true meaning of the words “twisted” and “gnarled” as they pertain to the lumps of meat and bone you once used for sensitive manipulation tasks.

So yeah.

Buy it.

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5 Responses to A short post today:

  1. baudattitude says:

    No, definitely not cheap. But, wow, nice figure.


  2. WildCardCorsair says:

    Hey I just got Trigger Heart Exelica actually and im really liking it, i was just wondering exactly do you get the “True endings” and the Faintear fights on levels 1 and 3? you sound like a veteran of the game so thought i’d ask since i can’t find the info elsewhere 😉
    p.s. my gamercard is the same as my post name, feel free to send a request if you ever wanna play some XBLA “Bullet Hell” games lol.


  3. baudattitude says:

    For the true endings, you need to complete the game without using any continues. I haven’t managed this, myself, because even though I buy an awful lot of shmups I’m not very good at them.

    To fight Faintear, you need to collect a bunch of the little yellow triangle things before you defeat the first boss on stages 1 and 3. I think the numbers are 3000 for stage 1 and 3500 for stage 3.


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