15 Years Blog.

I remembered an anniversary post! That’s a thing. 15 years of occasionally remembering to post here. The world is a much different place than it was 15 years ago, and I’m not sure anyone really cares about blogs anymore, to be quite honest. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a list of blogs I followed regularly as opposed to just following creators on Twitter.


I’m currently splitting my gaming time between a) the latest WoW patch, which introduced a new zone and new raid and all sorts of things to do in the pursuit of making my character’s numbers slightly larger and b) Elden Ring, which quite frankly is way more engaging than Yet Another WoW patch. I’m really enjoying the experience of playing a Souls-genre game during the initial rush, when there are messages and summon signs EVERYWHERE. It’s also surreal seeing the game reviewed so well by, basically, every piece of gaming media on the planet. It’s …more accessible? than your average Souls game, but more accessible in this case just means that you have a bit of a glowing arrow pointing you in the direction of the next boss that will kill you until you get good.

Elden Ring aside, I’ve been watching a ton of anime, some of it unabashedly trashy – OniAi and Elementalers of Blade Dance spring to mind as two recent examples – and some of it actually kind of wholesome, like My Dress-Up Darling or My Senpai Is Annoying. I’m also working through one of my lower-priority digital organization projects, which has been tweaking downloaded manga so it doesn’t look awful in iComics, which is my iOS comics-reader-of-choice.

I was actually going to do a write-up on my process, which involves using Pixelmator Pro to edit covers and some command-line scripts to tweak image sizes, but I wasn’t happy with how that was turning out. It may be something better-suited for a video. It would be EXTREMELY Mac-centric.

I also re-purchased a small piece of my childhood, thanks to the power of eBay. As a Star-Wars-obsessed youth, I had a number of the die cast toys that Kenner put out in the late 70s, one of them naturally being a Y-Wing. At some point in the intervening 40 years, I’d lost the BODY of the Y-Wing but had somehow managed to hold on to both of the engines.

It turned out that someone was happily willing to sell me the center part for about ten bucks, and I now have this sitting on a shelf, exuding nostalgic good vibes:

Yes, it’s beat all to heck. It’s SUPPOSED to be beat all to heck. Y-Wings are supposed to look like they’re held together by prayers and duct tape. What I’m more confused by is why it’s painted with red accents when every Y-Wing in Star Wars was in Gold Squadron, I think. I know that’s just how the toy was made and I guarantee it didn’t bother me at the time.

Anyway. 15 years, huh. I should probably go back and re-read some of my earlier posts, back from when I still had ambitions and aspirations.

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