So this is what motivation feels like.

My job involves a lot of use of WebEx, which is actually a pretty decent remote access package.  My only complaint about it – that it was really tedious to review recorded WebEx sessions – was wiped out when I discovered that you could download a conversion program to make WRFs into MP4s that you could then scrub through with a real video player rather than the official, terrible, WebEx player.

My company is moving to a new version of WebEx, and to commemorate this, we had a – I am going to use the official word here – “celebration” where they dressed up one of the meeting rooms in a Hawaiian theme and dished out ice cream and generally tried to be festive about what was, to be honest, a rather non-festive happening.

We all got raffle tickets, because there was a raffle.

The prizes for the raffle were, appropriately enough, webcams and USB headsets.  Not poor quality ones, either, rather nice ones.

There was, of course, one tiny catch – these weren’t to take home.  Rather, you were entering a raffle to have a chance at a better webcam or headset to use at your desk for work purposes.

So that was the highlight of the day.  Presumably tomorrow I will get to arm wrestle other members of my team for a box of clicky pens or perhaps some of those nice spiral-bound pads.

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