Double digits!

If I look back five or so years, there’s a post where I cheerfully proclaim that I’m not insane enough to actually try to rip every DVD I own.

That post turns out to have been a lie – I AM that insane, and I have spent an uncomfortable amount of my spare time over the last half-decade proving it, generally alternating between periods of crazed productivity and dry spells where I completely ignore the project for a few months.  I have occasionally lied to myself by setting goals that would represent an “ending” which I have then completely ignored once reaching the goal.

For example, “Well, I’m going to encode movies but I won’t worry about TV” and then “Well, I’ll just do a few TV series” and so on and so forth.

These last couple of weeks have been one of those productive periods, where I have had a startling amount of energy to devote to it, and I’ve needed that energy because what I have left to encode is almost entirely anime DVDs and those are a bit of a nightmare as no two companies agree on stuff like title layouts and subtitle tracks.  I’m doing a lot of rip-encode-QC-find problems with the encode-repeat, and I have a special hatred for Funimation after discovering that they mark their dubtitles as “English” and their actual subtitles as “Japanese” so Handbrake automatically picks the dubtitles and needs to be pointed to the other subtitle track every time.


Two weeks ago, I had three crates of anime DVDs left, representing about 400 discs.

Today I’m under 100 DVDs left to go.  I am THIS CLOSE to being able to put all these discs in boxes in storage and never look at them again.  🙂




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