License Agreements, Rather Clever

On occasion, when I feel that I have been playing entirely too many games which can be described as “it’s a card battle game, with maids” or “it’s a tower defense game, with scantily-clad mages” or “it’s a fighting game, with jiggle physics”, I try desperately to redeem myself by buying indie game bundles from whichever site is currently packing together the hopes and dreams of a half dozen developers and offering them up for the price of a small combo meal at the local golden arches.

Mmmm, it’s been too long since I slapped together a proper run-on sentence like that.

Anyway, sometimes I buy these bundles.  Sometimes I even install and play them.  Usually they’re pretty good, actually, and even when they aren’t I get to bask in that sort of vague self satisfaction that I associate with having Liked Them Before They Were Mainstream, even when I’m playing something like Bastion which rather pushes the boundaries of what defines “indie”.

Sometimes they’re very, very bad.

OK, that’s cruel.  Sometimes they’re just Not At All To My Tastes.  It would be wrong to describe something like And Yet It Moves as objectively bad, after all, just because I was rather terrible at the game.

But I digress.

Anyway, I was scrolling through my Steam backlog and picked a game more or less at random from a stack of “this seems interesting” and, well, I don’t know if the game is any good yet because it’s still installing and I really need to crash for the night, but at least the license agreement gave me a smidge of hope that the developers at least have a sense of humor.


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