Pigeon Theft

I was one of those kids, you know, the ones that cut articles out of the newspaper and kept them.

I didn’t do this very long, so I didn’t actually wind up with a very large folder full of clippings, but I kept them around until about four years ago when I scanned them all and unceremoniously dumped them into a recycling bin.

I was going through them today, sorting and renaming them, and I came across this one that was always one of my favorites and which I’m going to share with you now.

Now, it’s a good thing for the gentleman referenced in this article that he’s got a fairly common name, because google pops up several pages of people with the same name and no references to pigeons.  If you google for his name and ADD “pigeons”, mind you, you do get an awful lot of hits that bring up this same article from various newspapers, but in general the guy can probably breathe easy that, 20 years later, the follies of his youth will remain fairly well buried.


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