So whatever I type shows up here?

Obviously I’ve taken a few weeks off blogging. 🙂

There is a reason for this, and to my mind it’s a pretty good one: I realized, after about two weeks of studying in Japan, that I needed to do a lot more study and a lot less fun stuff, and one of the fun stuffs that I had to put aside was updating this site.  I wound up getting a decent grade after the program was over, anyway, so I don’t regret it that much, though I can see from my site logs that it’s cost me about half my traffic.

In theory, I should spend the next couple of weeks posting nothing but pictures of 2D characters in compromising positions to bring that number back up, but that would be base pandering, and I don’t think anyone really wants that.

On the other hand, most of the hits I get from search engines are people looking for “naughty anime ” or “cat girl wallpaper” so maybe some base pandering wouldn’t be too far removed from the spirit of whatever it is this blog is all about.  Nevertheless…

So.  Two months in Japan, and now I’m back.  Actually I’ve been back nearly two weeks, but I spent the first week dealing with a truly righteous case of jet lag and the next few days down with a cold, so let’s pretend I’ve just returned home.

That was two months taking classes in an immersion environment, which I think was quite helpful.  It was also two months living in a dormitory with about 40 other people from various countries, which was a good bit of fun.  I was older than anyone else in the dorm by a good 10 years, but I managed to find my own little niche as the slightly creepy old guy and it all worked out OK.

Anyway, so I’m back and I should have some content coming up over the next few days.  Hope you enjoy it.

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