This Egg Sandwich is Yummy.

Let’s bite and taste it!

Tamago dog! Basically egg salad in a hot dog bun, yours for a reasonable Y100 at your nearest Family Mart.

Out of the package:

And actually it was pretty yummy. 

I’ve noticed that expiration dates on food here are super short; I’m used to buying yogurt in the US and having a month or more to eat it, whereas here food has expiration dates of, at best, a week and a half past the day you’re buying it.  I’m going to chalk that up to Japan being a much smaller place, making food shipping from place to place quicker, so they’ve never needed to get into the hard core preservatives like in the US.

It is a different mindset, though, and I’ve had to get past my initial reactions of “this food is too close to its expiration date! I can’t buy it now!”

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