More Kool-aid

I have used, for the last couple of years, a Logitech G15 keyboard.  It’s an awesome keyboard, really, with a built-in-LCD panel and 18 programmable function keys, etc.  It was most useful when I was playing Everquest because I had all sorts of macros set up on it for various things.

Also it was all blue and glowy.

Problem is, it’s huge, and my computer desk has a built-in-keyboard drawer that’s really a little too small for it.  It made hitting any key on the top row kind of a pain, really – escape, all the F keys, etc –  but I put up with it because it made Everquest so much easier.

In a hopefully-Everquest-free-existence, I realized that I could finally use a keyboard that was a little, well, smaller, and that I could use without squeezing my big man-hands into a space that was really too small for them.

Enter one (1) Apple aluminum keyboard.

This thing – after a little bit of poking around the net to figure out how to swap the command and alt keys, and then how to make f13 work like a print screen key – is just freaking amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I can finally type comfortably.

So, one more tasteful white box for the steadily growing pile of boxes that say “Designed by Apple in California”

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