Man Purchases eBook

One of my life priorities right now is getting ready to move to attend college, which involves a certain amount of horror at the amount of stuff I’m going to have to move and an associated certain about of “do I really NEED to keep this?”

One of the things that has stayed on my “Need to keep” pile for the last, oh, 20 years and several moves is a copy of the Whole Earth Software Catalog. which is a 1984-vintage snapshot of the state of the home computer business and, well, mostly games really.  It’s particularly relevant any more, but I keep it for nostalgic reasons.  I don’t have many computer books from the 80s because, well, most of them, not so much nostalgia any more.

Also, most of them, heavy.

On the other hand, I saw on BoingBoing that the Whole Earth people had moved their entire creative output into electronic form and made it available free-to-read pay-to-download.

I’ve never read any of their other publications, so I didn’t know that this was actually news, or that they’d actually apparently put out quite a few books and magazines over the years.

Anyway, getting my very own digital copy of the Whole Earth Software Catalog was a measily 2 bucks, which seems to be the price point at which I don’t bother going to look for a free copy,  and it will make it easier for me to not move one more physical book when we do move.

You can also read it, for free, at that link, and if you were around in the days when 64K of RAM seemed like an ample amount and 1200bps modems strode the land like giants, it’s worth flipping through for a fond smile or two.

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