For the record, 945 is the number of albums currently represented in our music library.  Not 945 full albums, mind you, there are an awful lot of singles in there, and quite a few tracks bought from Amazon or iTunes that get counted as being an “album” even though they’re only one track.

Still, 945 albums.

As of a week ago, only 414 of them had cover art.

I am very happy to be able to say that they ALL have cover art now, even if – in some cases – it’s horribly low-resolution postage-stamp size art.  It’s good enough to give a visual representation of the album when played on a portable device, and that’s all I really need.

In the end, I did have to scan fourteen album covers by hand, which isn’t too bad.  I found the other 517 using a mix of Amazon US, Amazon Japan, eBay, Yahoo Auctions, discogs.com, vgmdb.net, and – when those failed me – good old Google Image Search.

It also helped me decide what game to play next, because one of the things I had to look up art for was the Rhapsody soundtrack, which  was included with the game when I bought it for the Playstation in, uh, 2000.  I’ve meant to get around to it SOME day, and it seems as good a time as any.

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