A 41 hour birthday…

I keep saying to people that I’m doing the Louis Wu thing for my birthday, and thus far nobody has gotten it.

For the benefit of, well, everyone who hasn’t read Ringworld, and for those people who HAVE read Ringworld and don’t get the reference anyway, the book opens with the main character trying to make the most of his birthday, literally, by using a teleportation transport system to move ahead of the coming midnight and stretch it out as long as possible.

I don’t have access to Puppeteer teleportation discs, and so far I haven’t been pressganged into running off to explore any ancient alien artifacts.  Apart from that, though, I’m doing pretty well at it.

If I’ve got my math right, I had 17 hours of birthday until my flight left Tokyo at roughly 5 PM, 9 more hours of birthday on the flight over, and I’ll have another 15 hours of birthday until the clock ticks over to midnight on June 22.

41 hours of one’s birthday is pretty good.

June 21 also marked the opening of the public days of the Tokyo Toy Show at Big Sight.  Doors were set to open at 9AM and I had to catch a bus to the airport at 11:40.

I had the option of getting up early, hopping the Yurikamome to Big Sight, trying to get in the door right at 9, getting maybe 90 minutes of frenzied looking around at all the Cool Stuff, and then making a mad dash back to the hotel and hoping to catch my bus,

In what I think is a sign of Impending Maturity, I elected instead to sleep in, have an early lunch at my favorite Tokyo katsudon restaurant, wait paitiently for my bus, and enjoy a well-rested ride to the airport.

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