Stuff, the accumulation thereof

There’s one unavoidable fact about being a fanboy – you accumulate stuff.

This is a hell of a lot of fun.   I think, for most fanboys, the act of buying something cool is in itself almost as much fun as the owning of whatever you’ve bought.

The slight downside is that you eventually wind up with a Lot of Stuff.  And, unless you’re constantly upgrading your living space, eventually the Stuff is going to take over.

I did significantly scale back buying toys and statues and such a few years ago, with fairly good results, and we stopped going to thrift stores looking for cool vintage computer hardware and video games.  Both of those slowed the Stuff Onslaught a great deal.  Nowadays, most of what comes into our lives is in a DVD case, or a jewelcase, or a book.  Those are pretty easy to store… and we’ve bought a LOT of shelving in the last couple of years.

The next step – getting rid of some of the stuff that’s not so easy to manage, while not getting rid of anything I’ll regret – that’s tougher, especially since a lot of it is vintage video game stuff and not-so-vintage toys, and while I don’t want to throw it away, the concept of doing ten thousand eBay auctions makes me gibber just a little.

So… in an attempt to save my sanity… lot auctions.  Toss 30 or so Colecovision cartridges in an auction, put it up and pray that whatever I get from it covers the cost of putting it in a box and shipping it wherever it’s going.  That kind of thing.  Anything that doesn’t even make its minimum bid goes to the nearest dumpster and in so doing helps boost the rarity of whatever it was by just a little bit.  I’m doing a service for collectors, really.

My first goals:  Reclaim one quarter of one closet.  If that goes well, work from there.

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