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Endings, quite satisfactory.

Finally managed to catch up to see the end of Lucky Star this last week. With shows that don’t really have an overall story arc, it’s hard to say when a good “end point” really is, but I really liked … Continue reading

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Back on the horse.

“Let’s Learn Japanese” progress: 29/52 I started the second season back in August and watched 27 & 28… then got off track. Posting here to keep myself in-line. It’s not directly tied to the material covered on the JLPT, but … Continue reading

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JLPT Madness 2007

Well, I’m critically behind on my studying, and honestly I was thinking about wimping out this year, but – damn it – I’m going to do my best here. Signed up for the JLPT Level 3. It’s held December 2. … Continue reading

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Gameworld Nostalgia

I don’t have the bandwidth these days for any MMO, and it amazes me how much I’ve been able to get done since I’ve admitted I don’t have time for any MMO, but I’ve given EQ2 a few hours this … Continue reading

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Tron 2.0 : End Of Line

Yes, I admit it, I have put off updating the blog while I played Tron 2.0 solely because I wanted to use that as a post title. I’m a sad, sick man. Anyway. I’m happy to report that patching the … Continue reading

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Goals in life: Questionable

Back from Alaska, and it was a fine time indeed. Saw lots of natural beauty, plenty of wildlife, and a few museums. A good trip. Much good food, in fact, too much – I came home at 193.6 and need … Continue reading

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Great Moments in PC Gaming

“Laputan Machine” There really is no way to explain that without spoiling a major plot point in Deus Ex, so I recommend – if you aren’t one of the gazillion people who played through the game five years ago when … Continue reading

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The world is a tiny place.

I will admit that, in the primitive times that were early 90’s anime fandom, I did occasionally buy something just because it was Japanese, or just because it featured anime characters – even ones I’d never heard of – just … Continue reading

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Translator’s Nightmare?

I watched the 2005 movie “Linda, Linda, Linda” tonight. It’s Ouendan’s fault, by the way. I got hooked on the Blue Hearts song in the game so I looked it up on stage6 to see if there was a video, … Continue reading

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Goals for the summer

The big goal for the summer before school begins in September is to be good and ready for Japanese 201. Unfortunately I have the problem that, while I have a pretty decent vocabulary built up, a heck of a lot … Continue reading

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