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Drama for Language Geeks

I’ve never been a real fan of Japanese live action drama series. I watched the Great Teacher Onizuka TV series some years back, after seeing the movie, and I keep meaning to get around to Winter Sonata – yes, I … Continue reading

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I am really quite fickle when it comes to free MMOs. Less than a week after trying out Perfect World International for a bit, I’m back in Sony’s pockets. I had been getting a little burned out on eq2 at … Continue reading

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I needed to know this years ago.

Most computers handle Japanese character input pretty well these days. That is to say, both Windows (since Windows XP) and Mac OS/X (since I dunno when) come with an IME built in and a set of Japanese fonts. It’s a … Continue reading

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What the hell is “mofumofu”?

So, I was letting Google Image Search find me a new wallpaper – and, by the way, if you’re an anime fan, I strongly recommend typing “壁紙” into GIS and letting it fly, insasmuch as it’s Japanese for “wallpaper”  – … Continue reading

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Can’t read your own shirt, huh?

One really popular pastime for native English speakers, when visiting Japan, is to gawk at and make fun of all the t-shirts with bizarre, fractured, or profane English prominently featured. This, then, would be turnabout. My wife has gotten rather … Continue reading

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6 days until the JLPT…

So, I took last year’s 3kyuu test tonight, after finishing up the exercises in my Grammar test book. Score: Kanji & Vocab : 41/55 Listening: 15/23 Grammar & Reading: 37/50 These are not great scores.  They ARE passing scores, but … Continue reading

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I try to be smart, and am not.

So, I’m reading Tae Kim’s excellent guide to Japanese grammar, and it slaps me with an unfamiliar kanji. (誰) I look it up. It’s the kanji for “who” (だれ) I think to myself… I’ve never seen “だれ” written in kanji… … Continue reading

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OK, I get the cake thing now

After about a zillion sightings of “the cake is a lie hah hah hah I’m so funny and referential”, I broke down and rented Portal yesterday. Well, I rented “The Orange Box”, strictly speaking, but really… Portal. And it was … Continue reading

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Yuno, I’m troubled.

I ought to be heading to bed soon, but I’ll probably be up for an hour or so. In the meantime I am faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I should take this opportunity to study for the … Continue reading

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Katakana is a untrustworthy friend.

Normally, I like seeing words in katakana, because normally they’re nice friendly English words. Then, I hit a word spelled in katakana, like, oh, I dunno, “ホーム”, and this of course makes perfect sense. Ho-mu. Home. And then I hit … Continue reading

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