Musou☆Stars? Another Warriors Game?

Well, ok, I guess, the series has a lot of fans, and I liked playing the Ninja Gaiden characters in Warriors Orochi 3 so I’ll at least look at a trailer…

…it’s too long until August 29th. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. 

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2 Responses to Musou☆Stars? Another Warriors Game?

  1. Warriors Orochi 3 had a ton of content but I ended up getting fed up of it. Finished the main story but that was it. That trailer looks pretty fun though.


  2. baudattitude says:

    That’s where I left off with Orochi 3 as well – the credits rolled and I was good to call it there even with all of the post-game stuff on offer. The draw for me was all of the guest characters, which is why I’m excited about Stars – it looks like it’s aimed squarely at people, like me, who want to see all of the different Koei Tecmo properties squeezed into one big button masher.


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