Wendy’s Double Cheese Curry Burger

I live my life by a set of simple rules.

Stuff like “by default, be nice to people” and “don’t spoil the end of movies for people who haven’t seen them” and “girls with glasses are automatically about twice as cute as girls without”

But those aren’t the rules that cover today’s situation. Today’s Rule To Live By is this:

“Curry loves me, and wants to be my friend. Curry would never hurt me.”

I say this because, after yesterday’s disaster with the McGutPunch (with egg), I was a bit gun-shy – but, while passing a Wendy’s here in Tokyo, I saw that they had a line of advertising banners up for their latest limited-time sandwich, the Double Cheese Curry Burger.

They also had a guy standing out front trying to get people to come inside to try it. I love that about Tokyo, the fast food joints will have someone standing on the sidewalk shouting the daily specials and exhorting the passers-by to come in and eat them.

However, despite his obvious energy and the innate seductive aura surrounding the Double Cheese Curry Burger… This was around 11 AM, and I was headed out to go traipsing through little obscure suburbs of Tokyo. It didn’t sound like a good idea to have one just then, but I kept it on my “to do” list for dinner.

Dinner time found me back at this very same Wendy’s, ordering a Double Cheese Curry Burger Set Meal with Diet Pepsi.

As presented on the tray, it looked like this:

Neat and tidy, right?

Open, it looked like this:

This was either going to be glorious, or the second worst idea I’d had all trip.

Let’s run down the contents:

  • A bun. Nothing unusual there.
  • Onion Rings. Not something I expected, but not unwelcome.
  • Lettuce. Sure, something green is a good idea.
  • Shredded cheese.
  • Two hamburger patties.
  • Mayonnaise, because the Japanese believe that mayo goes with EVERYTHING.
  • And, of course, a healthy helping of curry sauce with onions and mushrooms in it.

It was… It was wonderful. Granted, messy as all get out – they were smart enough to toss a couple extra napkins on the tray – but a GOOD kind of messy, not the greasy Am-I-Done-Yet-Can-I-Go-Now? greasy monstrosity that was the McGutPunch (with egg).

It gets my highest recommendation, and I say that several hours later having suffered no ill effects.

Because, Curry Loves Me, And Wants To Be My Friend. Curry Would Never Hurt Me.

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7 Responses to Wendy’s Double Cheese Curry Burger

  1. I just came back from Fukuoka, Japan. I went to Canal City where they had the Wendy’s curry burger. I have to agree with you. This burger is freakin’ delicious! It was so good my fiance and I went back the next day to order more Curry Burgers. I’m craving this burger right now. To bad they don’t have this in the states. Or do they? Sigh…


  2. gtss says:

    OMG I want one =(

    I just had curry w/ egg noodles before for lunch — curry is delicious…
    i then had a little kids meal McDonald’s for dinner,
    and thought

    “Oh man Curry would be delicious on a burger”
    I gotta do that w/ a burger one day and my instant House curry….


  3. baudattitude says:

    I make do with the frozen microwavable curry chicken meals I can get from Uwajimaya. They’re at best a stopgap that I can have between actual trips to Japan, but, you know, take what you can get. 🙂


  4. pat says:

    Making Curry is beyond easy the amount you need for a burger can be put together in less than three minutes if the pan is hot.

    Make your own.


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  6. ChisaiNeko says:

    At first I thought “WHAT?”

    Then I realized this product was available in Japan and then everything made sense.

    Only thing that matters is “oishikatta desu.”


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