The internet is a powerful and terrible thing

Set the wayback machine to 1997, when the Saturn ruled the earth, crushing lesser syst…

Oh, all right, it was already obviously on the way out in the US and all English speaking countries, but some of us didn’t buy into the whole Crash Bandicoot-is-your-god hype, and for us few, Saturnworld was one of the better news sites. Their URL directs to now, I suppose that’s better than one of those “buy this domain!” sites.

One day, Saturnworld posted a very bizarre little movie to their site. It featured a bunny-eared, busty, anthropomorphic Saturn console singing about things that were white. Given bandwidth at the time, it was a 160×120 heavily compressed Quicktime movie. And, in retrospect, it wasn’t anything all that special but it was weird and funny enough to stick in my head.

Today, I had the thought – what would happen if I went up on Youtube and typed “サターン” into their search box.

Page 2 of results. Who’da thunk?:

It turns out that it originated from a Tech Saturn Magazine demo disc. I only got one issue of Tech Saturn ever – it wasn’t a really common magazine to find in Los Angeles – and it wasn’t the right issue. I found Saturn Super much more often.

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