I’ve done… questionable things.

And I got to make up for a couple of them over the course of the last few days.

Short version:  My angering of the Apple gods resulted in me having to re-rip an awful lot of CDs.  For most of them, thankfully, this was easy enough – open CD-ROM drive, put in CD, push button, it looks up tracks, rips CD, ejects tray for next CD.

Then it got tricky.  I have quite a few CDs for which there are no track listings… or for which there were no track listings when I originally ripped them.  I’d like to say that I’ve always been careful about how I entered data for CDs, but that wouldn’t be true.  There have been a few CDs I’ve entered the track names for as follows:

Fushigi Yuugi Singles Collection Track 01

Fushigi Yuugi Singles Collection Track 02

…and so on…  which is absolutely useless information but at the time I just wanted to get them ripped and I couldn’t read the track names anyway.  And these got uploaded to whatever database Windows Media Player uses.

So, as I was re-ripping CDs, occasionally one of my old “Track 01” style entries would pop up as I put in a CD, and this time I took the effort to go and look up real track names.  Hopefully they’ll overwrite my old nasty entries, so the next time some poor schlub puts one of these discs in their PC they’ll get… well, they’ll get some track names.

I’ve done my part for world peace.

As an aside, I’d like to go through the CDs for Saturn, SegaCD, Playstation and TurboDuo games next… lots of them included CD-audio tracks of the game music, and some of them had quite good music.  That won’t happen any time real soon, though.  Something for the to do list.

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